Learn MYSQL DBMS & use this with PHP to develop dynamic website.

Build Your Own Dynamic Website using PHP-MySQL.

Learning Made Easy and Fun.

Chapter - 1

Introduction to PHP.
What is PHP? , PHP Requirements, How to Create A PHP File

Chapter - 2

PHP Syntax.
Opening/Closing PHP Tags, PHP Comments, PHP Whitespace

Chapter - 3

PHP Basics.
PHP Variables, The Echo Statement, PHP Strings, PHP Operators

Chapter - 4

PHP Conditions and Loops.
If, Else, Elseif, Switch, While, Do-While, For, Breaking Out of Loops

Chapter - 5

PHP Arrays.
What is array?, Creating An Array, Array Functions, Foreach Loop

Chapter - 6

PHP Functions.
Math, String, Variable, Date & Time, Includes & Requires, Mail, UDF

Chapter - 7

PHP Form Integration.
Superglobals, Getting & Posting Form Field Data, File Uploads, Sessions

Chapter - 8

PHP Files and File System Functions.
Opening Closing Reading Writing & Deleting Files, Filesystem Functions

Chapter - 9

PHP Database Functions.
Introduction MYSQL, Connection, Queries, Handling Query Results

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